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Name:Maggie Mui
Location:United States of America
This is a roleplaying journal for the fictional character Maggie Mui, from the R.O.D universe.

Basic info about Maggie:
Age: 20/21
Canon: Read or Dream through volume 3, page 123, and all of R.O.D the TV. Maggie's "pull point" is a few months after the end of R.O.D the TV.
Appearance: Asian woman with scraggly, semi-short dark hair, crimson eyes, 6'1", slender but wiry, with muscles developed from working/fighting/adventuring. Usually wears masculine, casual clothing; with some more feminine hats and blouses on occasion.
Ethnicity: Hongkonger
Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Japanese
Skills and Powers: Maggie is a "paper master" who specializes in making paper shields and animated marionettes that are quite powerful. She's a detective/field agent/bodyguard with good investigative skills and an excellent memory.
Hobbies/Likes: Reading, books, reading, books, reading, cooking, books, reading, books, ice cream, books, reading, and books.

Maggie and R.O.D are the IP of Hideyuki Kurata, Aniplex, and Shueisha, Inc. This is a fan journal that earns no profit; no copyright violation is intended.
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